About Mark Vejvoda

Hello, my name is Mark Vejvoda (aka SoftCoder / Softhaus)  and my wife is Vickie Vejvoda (Maiden names Butts/Patay)

I am first and foremost a born again child of God. My life revolves around Jesus Christ, He is the center of my universe. I use this space to share various experiences from time to time to hopefully benefit others, and point people to Jesus. I am happily married to my wife Vickie and we enjoy raising our children together. We currently live in Prince George, BC Canada. You may contact us by emailing:

mark_vejvoda @ hotmail . com (remove the spaces)

I have worked as a software developer since the early 90’s professionally, and long before that as a hobby. Searching around on google will show where I have been over the years. Currently I work for Kronos (www.kronos.com) as a software architect and developer. I enjoy working on/with free software projects on my spare time and support the ideals of The Free Software Foundation.


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3 Responses to About Mark Vejvoda

  1. i read your blog about the fan wont turning off and it was pretty helpful. But the problem i have with my honda accord 1992 is somewhat similar. My fans are not turning ON when they are supposed to. What could it be? thanks a lot

  2. I do believe that your problem with the fan not coming on is also related. When i did the research for my problem it was more common for the fan to NOT come on then my problem where it stayed on. The solution for both was the same in the reading I had done. Follow the same steps to see if you have bad relays first.

  3. Dear brother, I am the founder of sermonindex and I wanted to let you know I am living in Southern BC, Canada. Abbotsford but right now in victoria. I am not sure if you noticed there is a revival conference planned for 2010: http://revivalconference.eventbrite.com/ in victoria, BC.

    perhaps we could meet one day! send me an email.