Helping your neighbour

What draws a person to want to help another? When asked, and ‘who is my neighbour’, Jesus gave us a parable speaking of a Samaritan who helped a Jew who was beaten by robbers and left to die. This Samaritan was a neighbour simply because the Samaritan helped the man in need. Jesus then said go and do likewise.

Years ago I saw the documentary “Revolution OS” which highlighted Richard Stallmans quest for a Free Software Society. One of the key tenants in this is to ‘help your neighbour’. The concept is not to leave a user ‘high and dry’ and technologically dead in the water, this very much bothered Richard from what he saw in his earlier years. Richard is not a Christian by any means, but his desire to ‘help his neighbour’ is an important part of GNU and Free Software, it is in fact the ‘Free’ in ‘Free Software’.

Desiring to help ones neighbour should never be limited to minimal things, as the parable of Christ teaches, the Samaritan did everything in his power to help his neighbour in need. Who is your neighbour? The one that you choose to help! This can be done by spending time to help others in your community through volunteer work (volunteer fire fighters, shelters, etc) or missions or simply showing up at a farm and giving that poor guy a hand during hay season! There is something precious and important here that seems virtually abandoned in our current generation, but it need not be.

Brothers and Sisters, help your neighbour!

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