1999 Chevrolet Suburban won’t start – could be your starter.

I noticed over the period of a week that at random intervals I would stop the Suburban (say to get mail from the mail box) and when I would try to restart the vehicle the dashboard would flash or stay off and only the battery would make a clicking noise (but no engine turn over would be heard). This continued until one day while preparing to go to a home church gathering, the vehicle just would not start.

Thankfully I have a friend close by who is a heavy duty mechanic and he checked things out for me. One The starter motor itself there are two wires connected, one thick wire coming directly from the positive battery terminal and a smaller thinner switch cable that gets triggered by the ignition.

My friend used a screw-driver to directly connect the screw holding in the Positive cable to the screw holding in the switch cable to test to see if the start would turn over. If not then either a) your battery may be low or dead but more likely b) the starter is failing. Once you have verified that the starter won’t turn over, remove the screws holding the cables and the two long screws directly underneath the start (which hold it in place of the car body and the engine).

Take that part to the auto parts store (or wreckers) and likely they’ll give you some cash for the old core which you can use towards your new starter (mine cost $184.00 Canadian before taxes). Be sure to KEEP the heat shield from your old starter to put on your new one (you just pull it off it fits on via pressure fit). Below are some pictures of the new starter showing the nuts where the cables would connect to and the holes where the two long bolts hold it into the body.

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