Moving to Northern BC?

First let me clarify something… Prince George, BC is NOT northern BC! It has the nickname “the northern capitol” but that is about it. If you look at a provincial map, it is obvious that Prince George sits right in the middle of the province from a physical perspective. From a population perspective, there isn’t a whole lot north of here, major destinations include: Dawson Creek, Fort Saint John and Fort Nelsen, all fairly small towns.

So what can be expected moving from the Okanagan Valley where you have super hot temps and semi desert conditions (cacti, rattlesnakes, tumble-weeds, black widows, etc) to the colder climate of Central BC (some would call this Northern BC)? Having been here for only 1.5 months I feel there are things to share now, before I forget about them which can only be expressed as a first impression.

– Cost of housing is 1/2 of the Okanagan

– Cost of land is 1/4 to 1/2 of the Okanagan

– Food prices are close to the same with some exceptions depending on the store(s) you visit.

– People are MUCH MORE friendly in general. There is a northern culture that just seems to inhabit most people and places I have visited.

– Winter plays with you in mid October for a few days.. melts away and comes back to stay mid November.

– Winter tires are non negotiable. In some parts of BC (basically ONLY Vancouver) you might argue that winter tires are not required. If you leave Vancouver then you NEED them in BC.

– Everything is VERY easy to find and laid out very well in the Prince George area. We were able to find everything without exception with no problems.

– The agricultural side here seems much more slim than the Okanagan and Lower Mainland. If you want to buy animals you may have to travel out of area to get what you are looking for. Likely due to smaller population than the areas previously mentioned.

– You’ll ONLY find U-Haul trucks in major cities Like Vernon, Kamloops and Prince George (Williams Lake or 100 mile house are NOT considered major cities).

– Prince George has nearly everything that Kelowna has, an Airport, A University, a College, a Regional Health Authority, a Costco, a SuperStore, Canadian Tire, etc.

– Prince George has a stigma for bad crime and very cold weather. Both of these are over-rated and sensationalized. But hey it keeps the masses from coming and raising property values and taxes so that’s ok with me.

– There are pockets of godly Christians in the area making it a good destination for Christian Fellowship. Of course it will take a bit of time to find them 🙂

That is all for today.

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