The search for a new washing machine – LG WM2016CW

Recently our old washer and dryer have been exhibiting the behaviour of old age + wear and tear. After approximately 13 years of fairly good service (the washer was a Top Loading Whirlpool and the Dryer a GE / Camco) and easy self repairs I decided it was time to get something at a good price which will last our family of 8 into the next 13 + years. After doing extensive research all over the web (including consumer reports) I decided the best for us was made by LG Model: WM2016CW. Apart from being a recommended washer by Consumer Reports, the actual Customer ratings was decent and the various stores I visited and repair shops all mentioned the unit was a good quality build.

One BIG caveat! I was ready to buy the washer / dryer pair (the dryer was LG’s DLE2516W) but the first few places I went to do not typically stock appliances! The days of going to the store and getting your replacement the same day are mostly over. In my case I got the pair from Trail Appliances (which had excellent selection, the prices were the same as competitors but they also have stock on hand).

Once I got the new washer / dryer home I was VERY happy with the quality, ease of use and design of this pair. Time will tell the long term quality story, but thus far an excellent purchase for our family of 8 (saves much time and energy bills compared with our older pair).

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