My first project, ipt-parse finds an offical home

For the past few months I’ve been working on extending my WRT54GL LinkSys Router (which runs the excellent Tomato firmware) to add the ability to monitor per client bandwidth usage on our family network to the Internet. As is the trand, our ISP caps our monthly bandwidth usage and therefore we need to know eho (if anyone) in the family is hogging that precious bandwidth. The fruit of my labour (Called ipt-parse) hasĀ  officially moved to the website here. This is my first experiment using launchpad to host one of my projects. I have experience with, and now

So far I REALLY enjoy using the version control system (called bazaar). This will be they first “distributed” version control system I have used. offers many excellent tools for open source projects and I look forward to blogging more about my experience as I encounter more.

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