Wrapping up our one week vacation

Well its been a week and a couple days with some time off and it almost felt like an eternity. This vacation was spent doing a lot of things at home (of which some will be expanded further in the future). One thing I will mention is how well the boys are learning how to use Blender to create 3D models and how to modify software. Jacob and Noah worked together to make a “farmer” faction for the open source game Glest (to view some sample models go here).

Having time off is both relaxing and dangerous. Relaxing because you need not worry about all the silly politics going on at work and abroad (not that we should worry anytime anyways). The dangerous part is due to the fact that you have time to think when you have time off. Time to think about what is important, and time to think about what God is saying to you. I don’t think most businesses like employees to have much time off, not only because it costs money but more importantly because it gives people time to consider what they ‘should’ be doing as opposed to what they are doing. The more busy we are kept the less we think and dream about what God wants for us.

I enjoy writing software, but more importantly I enjoy my family, yeah even more importantly I love being… just being in God’s perfect Will for my life. Thank you Jesus for helping me and my family to see…. beyond the normal machinary of life, and into your eyes and into your Will.

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