Join us now and share the software, you’ll be free!

I’ll start with a link here showing what we have been working on lately. Why do I completely embrace the open source movement? Because when a project like glest can accept bug fixes from a totally unknown contributor and release a new update.. and all that within one week of it all happening, you have a community. Nobody’s ego getting in the way, just sharing time, effort and ideas. Our family likes to find open source games, make changes to suit our requirements and enjoy playing together from time to time. We have a particular set of requirements when it comes to games, influenced by our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that leisure is a lower priority, but we also enjoy creating things together in collaboration. That brings us to what we are doing with games like glest and blood frontier. We are modifying 3d models and game code so that there is no blood and guts, no magic and demonic portrayals. There appears to be less and less available in the category of what I would consider “clean content” so we decided to take existing projects and use the freedom of open source and make them into something that suits us.

This isn’t possible in commercial software (for the most part). There is no source code to change and modify to suit your needs, at best you may be able to make levels and images (and even that is often rare). We enjoy free software because it allows us to express who we are in the way we use it, that to me is freedom.

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