Microsoft is on the run

Having switched my family over to Ubuntu, I have noticed a lot of press coverage talking about Microsoft and Ubuntu. MANY people are switching to Ubuntu, and Microsoft has taken notice. Microsoft has even moved up their release date of Windows 7 the next version of Windows to replace Vista (the largest failure in Microsoft’s history). Microsoft is calling customers and using scare tactics to keep them away from Linux and open source. I really think it is just a matter of time before we see a much smaller Microsoft… Micro-soft. They can’t afford to continue with such high costs of software development and so little to show for it. One day Microsoft will look a lot smaller than it does today and the Open Source / Free Software communities will have a much larger role.

Ubuntu + = The hobbyist Developer Dream! Ubuntu is an excellent OS, while launchpad is the mechanism to get new content into Ubuntu. I am very interested in the free version control system that seems popular on launchpad called bazaar which seems to have the same basic concept that Accurev does only it doesn’t cost you a dime. The more I see and learn the more I realize how far Linux has come. Ubuntu has taken the lead to bring Linux to the common user. No it isn’t flawless, but it is definitely “good enough”. Once the word REALLY gets out there, the hoarders will be in trouble.

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