Day #1 – Without Microsoft Windows…

It was a very busy day! I had become overly comfortable with my Microsoft Windows environment and thus I spent a fair amount of time today finding equivalent programs / solutions to use in Ubuntu (I am running v 810 Intrepid). Before I discuss how that went I must mention that the majority of my day was spent getting my poor son Timothy’s ancient PC up and running with Ubuntu. He was the only family member with an ATI video card… which created some unexpected challenges and wasted time.

If there is one thing I would like to say about ATI video cards in Linux, it would be that you should proceed with caution. Setting up the ATI video card was not nearly as easy as dealing with all the NVidia’s. When you change the driver or certain driver settings for ATI video cards, I have found that it is necessary in many instances to reboot Ubuntu. This was not required at all for the NVidia cards so that lead to some wasted time before i figured that out. After the 4th install of Ubuntu, Timothy is finally upo and running signalling a new landmark in my family, namely a network of 6 Dual Boot Windows / Ubuntu computers.

Today I spent the ENTIRE DAY working within Ubuntu. It felt… very strange. I could almost breath easier, think more clearly.. yes simply i could be me! Here is the list so far of programs I used in Windows XP and found equivalent programs that were at least the same or better quality in Ubuntu:

Windows XP:                                                 Ubuntu:

Windows Live Mail                             Evolution Mail (with a MSM plugin so hotmail

accounts work too)

Microsoft Live Messenger                 Pidgin

Visual Studio Express                          CodeBlocks

Dual Monitor Support                         (Ubuntu’s AWESOME flexible Dual Monitor

Support, I could specify where each monitor sits


TrackMania                                           TrackMania (via WINE and related dependencies

such as DirectX)

Real VNC / Remote Desktop               Built-in Ubuntu Remote Desktop

Soft-haus Solutions CallerID              Asterisk PBX


That is it for now, I’ll write more as I progress.

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