Ubuntu 8.10 Installation Tips / Problems / Hangs

As I write this post, I sit in the comfort of a lovely new Ubuntu 8.10 environment. This makes the 6th and last computer on the family network to get a dual boot (Windows / Linux) configuration. Oddly enough installing on my computer was difficult. I had numerous system hangs during Ubuntu installation, some during “apt” phase and others during copying of my Windows profile settings. If you find that your installation of Ubuntu hangs, try some or all of these steps:

– Disconnect your computer from the Internet (physically unplug the network cable or turn off the Internet router / modem). Sometimes Ubuntu may hang while looking for updates on the Internet, while the server it is talking to is too busy to respond and your computer appears to hang.

– Do not select the option to copy profile settings from windows. In my case I had MANY gigs of photos from my digital camera stored in My Documents, which made my Install look as though it was hung.

– Disable all Power saving features in your BIOS

– Try a different Ubuntu CD! Just because a CD works with one computer DOES NOT mean it will work with another. I used the same CD with 2-3 other computers without any problem, while my computer would randomly hang using the same CD. After burning another copy of Ubuntu, it installed without any problem. Some CD drives are able to read CD’s that have defects in them better than other CD drives.

– When booting up from the Ubuntu CD select ‘check CD’ to ensure your CD doesn’t have any bad sectors on it from when your burned your copy.

– When booting up from the Ubuntu CD select ‘memtest86’ (this will test your computer memory to see if you have bad RAM that needs to be replaced)

As I find out more things with Ubuntu, I’ll keep blogging about it for anyone who may be interested.

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