Digital Paintball 2 – My replacement

I won’t rehash the reasons why I feel there is a need for a good replacement of this fun game,  just want to mention the progress made towards a replacement. We are using the Cube2 Engine and working closely with the developers that work on sauerbraten and blood frontier. In the past few days “quin” or Quintin Reeves the lead developer of BF added an option to BF to make it work more like paintball and added a “kid feature” which essentially can turn off blood and guts.

Thanks Quin! If the guys at don’t post a newer build with those changes shortly, then I will put one up on this site so that those of your from the paintball community can try it out for yourselves. There still is much work to be done, but already this new add-on is a very fun contender to DP2. Here are some items added:

– Kid mode turns off blood etc..

– Paintball theme enables paintballs and paint splatters when shooting

– Option to make opponents “freeze” when tagged with a paintball and they turn transparant and you may run through them while they wait for x seconds to unfreeze. After being forzen x times you respwn at the start of your base.

– While waiting to respawn (configurable time) you are in camera mode and can see what others are doing.

Currently to use custom maps you place them in the sub folder home/maps, then in the cube2 related game you type the command /map mymapname and that loads your map. There are MANY MANY commands available, but the UI is being improved to simplify the use of the game.

Watch soon for a new release including these features.

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