A preview of what is coming – Cube 2 based Digital Paintball

Soon the guys at bf are going to release their new game based on an updated cube2 engine and the sauerbraten game. Quin was nice enough to hear some feedback about paintball features and while I am getting familiar with the code, he was busy adding a built in paintball setting. You really need to try it.. and Lee Salzman (eihrul) added ragdoll physics which really looks cool.

Enough said, I decided to put out a build of tonights snapshot for those watching from the Digital Paintball 2 community who might be interested.

Get it while its hot here

In the meantime I’m looking at what needs to be done to make it more close to the paintball I am already used to.. and my boys are making maps.. some based on DP2 maps and some new ones.


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