Cube2 it is…

I have decided to use the Cube2 engine for our replacement of Digital Paintball 2. After unsuccessfully trying to get access to the closed source part of the “open source” project called Digital Paintball 2 which our family has grown to enjoy, I decided to find / write an alternative. Cube2 (a variant called Blood Frontier) will be the codebase we will use. Why?

1. It is completely open and free “as in speech”.

2. Great community of guys to work with.

3. Excellent accessibility for normal users to add content and configure the game. (map making is insanely simple)

4. I have access to the code! I have access to the code! I have access to the code!

5. The graphics are quite good.

Having looked through the code thus far I have been able to start making slight mod’s to make the game optionally play like Digital Paintball 2. What I have so far is:

– All blood and guts are turned off

– One shot eliminates the other team

– Respawning in a configurable amount of time

We had an excellent round today on Noah’s birthday and it was load’s of fun. Thanks go out to the guys at BF, they are truly talented open source heros!


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