A fun new endevour – family oriented multiplayer game

I am the husband and dad to a family of 8 (including me). Being sincere Christians it has been a challenge to find enjoyable, clean games to play together on our family network. Most games are bloody, killer oriented first person shooters (fps – not to be confused with frames per seconds which is another use of that acronym).

The purpose of this post is not to produce a list of nice games that we have found over the years (yes there are a number of free, clean enjoyable games for the whole family, I’ll try to remember to post about that later) but rather to communicate a new open source totally free software project I’ll be starting shortly. If you believe no-one should play games or even use a computer, that is fine, you have the freedom to choose that for your own reasons (I was of that mindset once). If the main reason you have against gaming is that it takes too much time, too much focus or develops your child in a direction you don’t like, there are many things you can do about it (including this) just like you would for any other potentially dangerous activity in life. Now moving on to the main point of this posting:

One of our family’s favorite game is a type of ‘capture the flag’ style game where two teams of players try to capture the other teams flag. Most FPS games have this as a game mode option, but most of them still force the blood and gore and violent aspects of the game. We found one that is not violent at all and allows you to make your own maps (not easily mind you) and has allowed us to enjoy doing “more” things together than we did in the past. The key is “more” and not replace what you already do together.

Currently there are some politics involved in this favorite game of ours, and by tonight our family will have made a final descion from the following two options:

1) If given access to the “closed” part of the source code we will work with this existing game and its community to bring some great new enhancements and make it even more fun. (the deadline is tonight)

2) Start a new project (based on an existing open source engine / game) to produce the ideal family oriented capture the flag style game. What we really enjoyed about the game I mention above is that it shoots ‘paint balls’ so no-one gets murdered and no violence is taught. You simply get ‘tagged’ and have to start from the beginning of your base. This same style will be central to this new project, along with super easy map making and shared opportunities from anyone out there to contribute and participate.

Keep watching this blog for more info….

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