What is love – and who is my neighbour?

I heard a timely sermon by Zac Poonen here and cannot help but feel myself slowly getting knocked back to my senses! The world hardens a soft heart, but the work of the Cross of Christ is by design, working to soften and break down self-will, actually crucify it. Once in the New Testament the governor of Judea (Pilot) asked the question “what is truth” but the question for the moment is “what is love?”.

Love is broad and deeper than any description. Love is not divorce. Love is not hate. Love is not a feeling, but more of a long lasting experience. The Bible tells us one very important part of love (among many) that it is “not self seeking”. If I could only experience that one part in its fullness, how much would change, yes will change! By the Power of the Holy Spirit it shall be in me.

Jesus said to love your neighbour as you love yourself (and we all love ourselves.. we feed, sleep, shower, indulge our self). Who is my neighbour? If you need to ask, I guess you’ll need to spend a little more time in the Bible to find out. Lord, help me to love my neighbour… and not just love them, but love them as you love them! Help me to “see” my neighbour and be a neighbour to them.


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