Down the road

Lately I have had a lot of time to think and to write. One observation I have had lately relates to events taking place “down the road”. The importance of marriage and children are not comprehended until it is usually too late. Allow me to illustrate:

1. My dad turned 70 this year and had broke his leg quite badly. My mom was with him nearly 24×7 over the past weeks while my older brothers did some upgrades (like rails etc) at home in preparation for his arrival at home. Imagine if he was not married? Who would ask the nurse for a drink of water, to check his leg because of infection, etc.. on his behalf? Who would help him transition his leg back to health at home? Who would do the upgrades at home to help and encourage his progress over the next while? I cannot imagine what this generation expects to happen when they retire? Who will care about them? Who will they care about then if the only one they care about now is themselves?

2. Last night we painted out kitchen. Our older children are actually old enough to help (wow!). The enthusiasm was a huge boost, I certainly did not look forward to the task, but somehow their excitement made the whole thing more pleasant. Not only that, the whole ordeal took a few hours to wash, tape and paint the kitchen/dining room. I expected to labour with just my wife and I for endless hours, but this time in life everything changed. Family worked together and the job was done well and fast! They learned lessons about painting and we learned lessons about child-likeness. It was great!

Imagine down the road! What great things we can look forward to. When you have love and dedication grow over years and years, you gain the fruit of your labours. What a wonderful thought… down the road. And after that, eternity with Christ!

I look forward to both today and down the road.

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