Icons of Evolution

Our family has been going through a series on evolution. This one we checked out from our local libray called “Icons of Evolution” by Cold Water Media showed a very interesting perspective. I did not know the pressure that exists at the school board and government levels. There are really two aspects in the evolution debate in my opinion a) religion and b) science. It appears that most atheists automatically assume that to disagree with darwins evolutionary theory must mean a person is some religious fanatic. Whether or not that is true in a given scenario must be determined for each case, yet when the “science” evidence is ignored based on the “religious” assumption, then we have willfully ignorant science, perhaps another name could be invented for that.

I myself enjoy research and information sharing (that is also one reason why I appreciate the free software movement, though I am not in support of communism). Presenting the facts about everything in life is as important to me as my existence itself. I typically use the word “facade” to describe those “smoke and mirrors” episodes in life where I see people who purposefully ignore the facts. This can be for reasons of making money, pushing for promotions, deflecting accountability, etc… but ultimately a facade has its basis in a lie. How far “normal” society has moved from the days when I was young. I hear much about free-thinkers but I realize how bound these free-thinkers really are. The fact is that most people in the world never make the effort to find out the truth about most aspects of life… that is a fact, at least in my experience.

I am very thankful that there are some who are brave enough to provide evidence, even though it is not a widely accepted view. For example one “view” is that the flu vaccine is useful. Unfortunately the “evidence” from numerous large studies have conclusively proven that this vaccine is not effective. Does this help the drug companies who have patents on this vaccine? No. Recently while listening to a regular guest on cbc radio, a doctor (who is a huge proponent for vaccines) reluctantly condeded that recent studies prove the vaccine is ineffective. When asked by the host if he would be getting the flu shot, he said “I know it sounds weird, but yes”. At what point does prejudice over-ride science? So there are these same two aspects to many things in life…. a) religion and b) science and both have profound influence on everything we do and believe. Do not allow others’ opinion to steer your ship into the sea of complacency. Find out the facts for yourself, whether it is the Bible, science, Jesus, technology, politics, whatever…

truely BE a free-thinker.

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