Investing in enternity

Over the years we have heard much about investing our money to prepare for the future. Freedom 55, and a good retirement is all the focus for an upcoming generation that is being told it will need to pay its own way during retirement. But there is a more important kind of investment, one that lasts beyond this life and its success requires the same time frame that is required for this earthly investment time frame. Investing in eternity. This means coming to a spiritual awakening, moving past the foolishness of the age old “there is no god” and realizing you yourself only said that because you didn’t want God to exist. If He exists it would mean you had a lot of responsibility and would have to change your investments.

Consider the following verse from the Bible:

Hebrews 5:9  And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

That means if Jesus is the author of your spiritual life, and you are ready for heaven, you spontaneously obey Him. This simple verse answers many complicated questions. Your investments no longer focus around money (unless Jesus is not your author). Your time is given to build up, encourage your wife, encourage your children, encourage your peers to follow Jesus. Below I will show a picture of a physical lesson which has spiritual implications:

The hay barn

My son and I recently purchased an Alaskan sawmill (an attachment for your chainsaw that lets you cut straight lumber out of logs). After cutting this 20 foot long beam out of larch, we had a big problem. How would we raise up the beam on top of the cedar posts? This beam was extremely heavy, and dangerous to work with. Finally after MANY failed attempts we found a way to success. This is exactly how the Christian walk is. Although the Lord gives all His children to ability to “sin no more” and you need not live a sinful life, we do often make mistakes. In likely hundreds of accounts in the scriptures, God calls man to persist. I am not talking about database persistence, no I am talking about not giving up until you get that thing you are trying to get. This was one case where the solution looked doubtful, we thought it was hopeless to get that beam up there. We didn’t have a crane or a tractor, just some wood and muscle. By sliding the beam up two other beams that were on a 45 degree angle and nailing nails on the angled beams as we push up the heavy beam, we finally achieved success.

If your family life seems hopeless, I pray that you will invest more time in that than we did on this beam. If your wife is a nag or even worse, just invest in her and show her loving kindness as Christ would show her. Invest in your peers, when they provoke you and selfishly stomp all over you take it bearingly and invest all the more.

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