When time passes, things change.

As the title reads it can be a very interesting exercise to reflect on what has changed over the past years. My focus here is upon life issues. As we grow older we mature. As we mature and gain experience we change. Many things change, including our views on many different things from health to faith to many other things. When it comes to ones faith, change can be a very blessed time or it can be devastation.

Perhaps you know what I am talking about? I recall when my wife and I first got married we had come to accept some very radical teachings from the Bible. For this we were very unpopular for most of our married lives. Unfortunately we had little expereince and had not learned to “speak the truth in love”. Though not complete, this has changed. It is increasingly becoming easier to speak the truth in love. Why? Because when conflict comes and you need to discuss a matter and you know the others disagree with you, and you stomach feels sick and the fear of man knocks at the door… you need only talk with Jesus. If I talk to people than it will be disaster, but if Christ talks through m, than I can be comforted that the right things will be said in the right way. There is no fear in that case. “Perfect love casts out all fear”.

What has not changed then? I realist that some things have changed over the years, but the ket thing that hasn’t changed for me, and in fact can never change is the truth. The truth has always been what it is, and a lie has always been what it is. I have seen many change their view on what is truth and what is not. This is normal, because we grow and mature. But when this change takes place without a leading from the Holy Spirit of Christ, the result always ends in disaster. I can see many around me changing views in a radical way, not moving closer to Christ but further away. How can you tell you ask?

The answer is not so hard to find. At the root of all sin is selfishness (that is the decision of a person to choose to do what you want instead of what God eants). When a person changes for the purpose (even slightly) of satisfying their “self”, it is always wrong. When a person changes for the purpose(even slightly) of satisfying Christ, it may be right. Just because you change wanting to do what is right does not always gurantee that God is pleased. But certainly having the selfish motive is an indication of wrong. Take for example the Sabbath day (saturday jewish holy day). In the old testament God said that man should take this one day each week to stop doing what man wants to do and do what God wants man to do. In the new testament, Christ teaches that man should always do what God wants man to do (thus every day is a type of Sabbath).

As time passes I more and more realise how statiscally crazy it is that Jesus saved me! Why me? I have a friend at work named Sergey (we are both Christians). We often marvel at why God saved us! It becomes more important to me as time goes by that Jesus set me apart from my previous life. I was living for myself and would have died for myself(ishness). You cannot put a price on having a clear conscience. Knowing your sins are forgiven is wonderful, but even better is being able to walk in truth and love without any selfish motive. Recently I heard a sermon from Zac Poonen called: “Where Christianity Becomes Profiteering”. This was such an important message that I played it the same day for my family when I came home from work. I am starting to realize the truth of having the joy of the Lord in my heart always, thanks to starting to understand what brother Zac shared in that message.

When time passes, things change.

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