CallerID Opensource

Thats right, I’ve decided to open up CallerID to the open source community! Its now hosted over at:

I will continue to develop and support CallerID as it is still a hobby project of mine. To compile you’ll need Codegear’s C++ Builder v6 (or later).

2 Responses to CallerID Opensource

  1. Avatar Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed says:

    Thanks for the great application. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Do you have a link to download CodeGear C++ Building
    2) The dialog that pops up when a caller calls pops up only for the first call; any further calls go undetected, is there a reason.
    3) We are trying to store all contacts to MySQL database but we get an error, what are the software that should be available on the computer and what shall be the ADO String?

    Thanks in advance.
    Keep the good work Mark.

  2. C++ Builder can be downloaded as a free version with many limitations. If you are having problems with the current release on please turn on debugging int he general options area and get someone to call you. Then send me the log files it creates in your callerid folder.