More Reflections

As I write this posting, we just wrapped up a company technical summit, which turned out very interesting this year. My focus on this blog will endeavor to not involve my current employer (, since I don’t believe in bringing your work home (even though I work from a home office most of the time :)).

Anyways, learned a lot of great things this year. For a while I have been hearing lots of new acronyms in the tech industry, but now I know what they are. Aspect oriented programming, groovy, hibernate, and many others. I must admit I am not usually impressed too easily by things, but aspect oriented programming, hibernate and parallel programming will be on my mind for a while to come. They are certainly note worthy to get familiar with.

On another note, my wife Vickie started blogging here . Yes this is a shameless publicity stunt to draw attention for readers. My wife is simply amazing! We have been married for 14 years, have 6 children and home school them. Anyways you’ll most likely notice both of our agenda’s are to show people the love of Jesus Christ.

Well, time to get some sleep to prep for a long flight home tomorrow. Also need to mentally prepare for the Goats and Sheep that will be delivering babies over the next few months (starting this Friday).

Good Night.

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