Regrouping to core spirituality

Today we listened to a message from Zac Ponnen (located at: called Love and Fellowship. What a wave of beauty is was! It cut my family in two ways. In one way it was a great encouragement to go deeper in the direction we have been going spiritually. In another way it was a rebuke to us in certain items. Oh how precious a saviour Jesus keeps revealing himself to be!

Couple that with a book our family just finished reading called “The Bronze Bow”, a newbury award winner from “i think” the 50’s or 60’s. What a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ. When the Lord is specifically changing your heart to be more like His, it is a dangerous time. This is what all hell fears, that is a heart truely like that of Jesus Christ.

Combine all that with a small, life changing book from Sammy Tippet called “The prayer factor” and you cannot help but melt in the presence of Christ Jesus as he speaks through His loving children to anyone who is willing and hungry.

I can really see both why God does move and why He does not. No I don’t know His mind and cannot predict His thoughts etc.., but I can predict His promises and what He has already told us to be true. What comfort and Grace He offers to the child who is truly hungry for Him.

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