Fellowship with the living dead?

I am part of a very small home church fellowship. Yesterday my friend John and I with our families listened to: What is your life which has solidified a thought in my heart. There is great fellowship with these dead saints, but they aren’t really dead, they are alive just as Christ isn’t really dead but He too is alive.

On the other hand it is possible that you might be content to have fellowship with those who are living and yet they are dead spiritually speaking. That kind of relationship always leaves the man of God feeling empty and longing for more! Praise God that He is all we need. Jesus satisfies my longing, through His Blood I now am saved. But is that it? Is that what our lives are for, simply to be saved from a terrible burning hell? No! The love of Jesus, goes in the byways, to seek the sin sick and make them whole. It sets the vilest sinner free! How do I know that? I just hold up a mirror and have all the proof I need.

Richard, Michael if you guys are reading this, may JesusĀ  send Elijah fire down from heaven to consume you! That all of what you are may in purity walk in Him. May He give you the tears of Jeremiah over the sins of the people, may He grant you the love of the Apostle Paul, but most importantly the eternal vision of Christ and the cross so that both you and I can say to that “old self”, no self… “I am crucified with Christ”.

Love: brother Mark

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