This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

The title comes from Luke 4:21.

Recently I had an experience not too unfamiliar. What is more important is ‘seeing’ fulfillment in the scriptures. I was sitting at a desk writing some code while I heard a conversion start. It went something like this:

This new process is for the birds. All we get when we finish one task is more tasks. There is no reward and no targets.

(now in the midst of all this there was talk about switching to new employers etc)

Suddenly a multitude jumped in and become a ‘mob’ Suddenly we had all these unhappy people that thought having a good paying job just wasn’t good enough. No they wanted more. Maybe the boss should give us all a box of choclate every morning and send us to a massage parlour? I did not join in at all in this conversation and people already knew what I would say (thats why people don’t want to hear me often). It was amazing to see a group of people who showed little signs of discontent etc… over the last year suddenly think they ‘deserved’ something more than what they had, and that they might go find it elsewhere! Such people would never make a legitimate Christian. Why? Because when you come to Christ, it is not about what He can do for you, otherwise your selfishness has come along for the ride, and selfishness will never enter into God’s presence. Here is the scripture that was fulfilled:

2 Timothy 3:2 (amplified version)

For people will be lovers of self {and} [utterly] self-centered, lovers of money {and} aroused by an inordinate [greedy] desire for wealth, proud {and} arrogant {and} contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing), disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy {and} profane.

Notice especially the lovers of self, self centered, lovers of money (the incentive they kept grumbling about), ungrateful, and last of all unholy. I don’t consider myself anything special, but I thank God He kept me from participating in this mob. There are a great number of times in the past I could have easily been swept into it.

Matthew 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

2 Responses to This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

  1. Hi Mark
    Its good as Christians to discuss Gods word and ‘as iron sharpens iron’ to sharpen each other.

    To quote “Because when you come to Christ, it is not about what He can do for you,” I’m not sure if thats true.

    The ‘giver gets the glory’ and if being a christian is just about doing good then we take the glory. 1 Peter 4:11 describes how we serve with the grace God provides so that he might have all the praise and glory.

    Doing Good for the wrong reason is sin. The pharisee listed off all the good he did ‘for God’ but he did not go home a righteous man. (Luke 18v14)

    By the way….I’m a programmer too!

  2. Yes I can see your point made. My intent in this posting was not clear from the words that I used. I wanted to differentiate from coming to Jesus “solely” for what you “get out of it” as opposed to coming to Jesus to change what you are, so that He can be glorified making you into His child. Let me illustrate:

    A person in trouble comes to Jesus for the sole purpose of wanting Jesus to fix his problem, not because he can see that he is a sinner and needs to be transformed. This person is looking for help from anywhere he can get it. This person is still dead in his sins and selfishly thinks he can “use” Jesus like some kind of tool that you take out of the shed when you want it.

    There are many ways a person comes to Christ, but fundamentally every person must “deny himself, take up the cross and follow Jesus”. I agree with your comment that in everything, He must get the Glory or there is something wrong with what we are doing / saying. I also was not trying to focus on good works, rather on the fact that real repentance is a key requirement to salvation.

    God Bless