Prayer Passion

Talking about prayer is never an easy subject. Why you might ask? Because it is one of those subjects that some people ‘get it’ and most do not. Just a small list of some people that I have come to know that ‘get it’:

– Andrew Murray

– George Muller

– William Law

– Leonard Ravenhill

– David Wilkerson

I recently came up with this thought. ‘ Is it harder to go to the mission field or to pray for it’? If the passion of the Spirit of Jesus Christ is upon you then you agonize when you pray, and that is not easy. You bear the burdens of many and should you become broken enough, you may be granted to feel a measure of the sufferings of Christ. Some people major on evangelism, others of the gifts of the Spirit, others on music, others on fellowship, all of these can be good. But take prayer out of any of them and you are left with emptiness.

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