The Hardware vs The Software

My oldest son is learning how to write software. Recently he asked me about the difference between APS.NET code and Javascript. He had been playing in Visual Studio Express (the free version form Microsoft) and wondered why all these .NET objects were not doing anything when he opened his web page file on his desktop. As I began thinking about how best to describe and show him the difference I realized a bigger picture…

How useful is hardware without software? You could spend a lot of money on the best computer, CD burner, speakers, etc.. but without software it’s all just a dead piece of metal. Then this got my thinking about the book of James:

Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead being alone.

Therefore in one sense, software is the spirit of hardware. Software brings life to something that would otherwise be dead. Software is an expression of its creator, just like a spirit is the expression of the Creator of all mankind. Some people write software to harm (an evil spirit) and some people write software to help. Now Christ wrote a perfect piece of software when He made us. Satan injected a trojan horse into our application, and its time to deal with the problem. But just like those cases where there is no recovery solution to recover the original program because the virus has damaged it beyond repair (time to reinstall) so must we reinstall using the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.. putting on the new man.

If I sound insane its probably because I am, insane for Jesus!

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