A critical heart.

Where can a person begin with such a theme? Doesn’t it summarize much of our North American culture? How easy it is to cut down and destroy something, but just go ahead now and rebuild that which was destroyed. It doesn’t build as fast as it is destroyed! I was tasked with the job of removing a trailer home addition some years ago. Imagine how long it must have taken someone to build it. Alas it came down and into the dump bin in less than a week. A life grows in gestation in the mothers womb for 10 months, alas it can be destroyed in minutes. Trust is established over much time, but lost in nano-seconds. I hear and have been also myself such a critical person toward anything I don’t like, I finally got sick and tired of myself and this critical heart. Yesterday at work I asked our team of computer programmers to consider this critical heart situation. You see for years people can run down how bad something is and never realize at some point that you need to take ownership. There comes a point where the bad is your bad not someone else’s.

Now this applies to everything in life, are we critical towards others? There is nothing wrong with disagreement, for that is necessary, but how different disagreement is from a critical heart. A critical heart is a sinful heart. I have seen many critical hearts (self included) in the Church, people who think they are ready for heaven. There isn’t one such heart that will ever be ready for heaven, that heart needs to be crucified with Christ. Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

A few chains just fell off today.

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