The Church / The Body of Jesus Christ

It was early this year I came across this link:

I have spent time off and on reading through a printed copy of this book and find a lot of true spiritual understanding in its covers. Since I am not finished reading it yet I don’t want to comment much about it, only to share this thought:

My wife and I had left the institution church environment for about 12 years. What that means is we have not been regular members of any official church. We have existed through home meetings and sharing throughout the week with anyone who loves Jesus and has the fruit of a life that shows abhorrence for sin (not that we are sinless…. yet). Having allowed some of the concepts of Alan book to “sink in” we found ourselves talking about how the “Church” (the Body of Christ) as opposed to the “church” (every man-made institution)  should act.

This morning we listened to a sermon from Paris Reidhead titled “If you agree”. I got the idea from Michael (at since the description had to do with “how separate must we be from the contemporary church?”. Finally I realized the answer.

In this valley (The Okanagan valley) there are probably a few hundred churches. Which one would be the best to go to? What’s wrong with our home church gathering? None of those is the answer, its not the sunday experience, its the Jesus experience. In a sense, keep doing what we are doing (meeting every time possible with others in Christ as we get opportunity and create opportunity). Sunday is one day, but M – F are greater than sunday in terms of total amount of time you have to live for Jesus. I got the point, its not where the church is, rather “be” the “Church”. Just like the kingdom of God is not to be ushered in by observation, but it is “in” you.

If anyone lives in the Enderby, BC area and would like to be part of The Body of Christ in our area, please join our prayer meeting on Wednesday nights 8pm. If you gather already perhaps we could operate together. Call 250-838-9922. I had checked the area for other prayer meetings in all of the churches and at that time there was nothing, so a friend and I started to pray together.

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