Something happened…

Over the past week something happened…

All my life I have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached. 13 years ago I came to realize I needed help, and received forgiveness for my sins. Today I have begun what I believe to be a new journey with my Jesus, a painful realization of sin and hell as I never imagined before. Its time to move beyond facades into reality.

Start with those six children of mine. I have shared the gospel with them since their births. I have prayed for their salvation before each was born. But now things will be different. They will “see” Jesus in me in a way they could not before. He was there before, but not in the way Jesus was here on Earth 2000 years ago.

Next, there’s Alex. This 92 year old hard hearted unbeliever who is so close to hell it makes me weep. Please pray for Alex with me.

Next there’s Michael. His wife and family ripped away from him years ago through lies, those in the heart of his own wife. None are believers in Jesus.
Please pray for Michael and family with me.

Next there is Paula. She practices witchcraft in my community. Please pray for he soul with me.

Next I consider multitudes of believers I know who “practice sin”. Are you one of them? Please pray for the people of Jesus Christ to repent and “Be” crucified with Him in the manner they live. Pray for me that I may have an effectual entrance to show Jesus to all.

Something happened, and it told me so much doesn’t matter anymore. Oh God, help everyone to see it and understand!

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