if(max(self)) { patha(self); } else if(min(self)) { pathb(self); }

This has been on my mind a lot lately. In programmers speak it’s all about giving minimum or maximum of yourself to something… which leads to path a or path b.

I want to live now, so that later I have no regrets. Loving and doing for others as I would have it done for me. This world and the common life is surreal (a fake), it seems like everyone is working 85% of their life only to enjoy the last 15%. You know the old song… ’48 hours of fun’. Are you for real? Working 5 days, only to enjoy the next two! How insane.

I’m taking patha(self); where patha is by design 100% consumed by Jesus. 24 x 7 uptime though brownouts and outages will come, He will provide all I need.

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