The Choo Choo Discount

I’m sitting here in beautiful Beaverton Oregon, it’s 5:22 am and I’m wide awake. I recall the previous day during checkin to the hotel the following events:

Me: Hello, I was wondering if you knew of company X as I’m here to train some employees.

Hotel Staff: Yes we know company X, are you with them?

Me: Yes, could you tell me how to get to their address?

Hotel Staff: Sure, but first if you show me some documentation showing you are doing some work for them you will get a much better rate for your room.

Me: Ok.. (co-worker shows a letter from our boss)

Hotel Staff: Glad to have you, hope you enjoy your stay.

time passes…

1:30 am Choo Choo.. LOUD choo choo

5:30 am Choo Choo LOUD choo choo

As I go to check email… hey there’s co-worker X also logging into MSM 🙂

Choo choo all the way! Thats the Choo Choo discount!

(which is ok, gives more time to prepare for the day anyhow :))

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