When Urban meets Rural

All my life I have lived in a city. All my wife’s life was likewise the same.

In recent years we finally moved out from Urban into a Rural country setting to change our lifestyle.

Now let it be known that funny things happen during this “buffer” period. What things you ask? To explain them all would be impossible, but to explain a few might give some insight.

In my situation I am a remote Software Engineer (as in I work from home). Now each day we have a “standup meeting” (part of our newly adopted Agile Development process) where we each communicate what our concept of what is going on in our project is and where we each stand at the moment. During these stand-ups we often share things that happened over the weekend etc.. to make it more interesting. I began to realise as I shared life events in the country that Urban and Rural are very different (much more than I thought). As I would share Rural experiences the team would break out in unanimous laughter. Not just once or twice. I agree that from an Urban point of view they were actually rediculous. Some examples are needded at this point:

– We have laying chickens (chicken that lay eggs). Over the period of a few weeks we noticed we were getting less and less production, while the family Dog was getting a very healthy and shining black coat. We became suspicious and called an inquiry. Finally the dog was caught black-handed and rehabilitaed with education / chastisement / physical barriers. It worked well, or so we thought. One day the lunch table, just before our meal one of the children walked into the kitchen with an egg in hand. Where did it come from? A chicken was in colusion with the dog, laying in the very dog house! Now how do you stop that kind of problem? Its like having the beef cow show up at your house and present itself on the diner table in gravy roast-atire.

– Another child was reading about how one person would “grade” the eggs to get more money for them.. you know Grade A, etc.. What our child do? Pulled out the cheese grader and asked mom if he could grade this raw (still in the shell) egg to get more money for it.

– At one the daily standups they wanted to know what I did yesterday? After being on vacation for a while… yesterday meant a lot of things. I answered that we butchered 13 chickens yesterday and wow are they tasty! Again the roaring, of which I think it has become an expectation. What will he do next! Well between cutting down trees (some very interesting experiences there… like the barber chair, etc..) and all the other things that happen, its becoming less funny to me and more normal. I wonder when I’ll start laughing about XBox, Nintendo, The Malls, etc.. when I hear stories regarding gaming, shopping, restaurants and other Urban highlights?

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