What Really Matters…

Time keeps passing by. This world is a constant distraction. Cars race by to get to work, go to lunch and then make it home before… before what?

People in the store see that you only have two items and say would you like to go ahead of me? I admit that is a polite gesture, but the 5 minutes saved… for what?

We sacrifice to go to church on Sunday, but closely watch the clock to ensure the sharing isn’t too long so we can goto…. where?

We sacrifice to make it to the prayer meeting (now this one seems heroic just to get there) but hurry through the requests and prayer (God forbid we make a late night of it) so we return home and… do what sleep, work, play … PEOPLE WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?

What really matters? Why do we save all those minutes? For ourselves! Self, me, I.

Now The Lord Jesus already knows what we need to pray about, He doesn’t need us to tell Him what is going on and what is needed to be done. Yet he searches through the whole world to find people who give Him the time every day to breath back into His ears the things He already has on His heart that He already wants done.

Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do? (why did He say that, and what was His heart?)

The Lord does nothing without revealing to His servants the prophets. (Why?)

The Lord decided to include us in His plans. He loves us. Prayer is God working His Will through our lips, showing us thereafter through answered prayer that those things which would not have happened, the un-natural, now have occurred. The normal/natural path of events was disrupted through prayers power to bring about the super-natural/un-natural.

Do we need the super-natural/un-natural in our current world and life today? That is something you must ask yourself.

What really matters?

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