What is revival?

It is something that can only be experienced and hardly described.

For the past few days and leading up to Wednesday this week, we have had John Bennet from the Faith Mission in Canada speaking at the Enderby Evanglical Chapel. The theme for these meetings is revival. It became clear to me from the first Sunday morning sermon that this would be no ordinary series. I also had the thought that it would take a miracle from God to fill the seats for the duration of the meetings. Why? Because the message being preached is not a popular one. Having lived in Enderby for a number of years and getting to know the heartbeat of our community I have realized that a simple, direct message of truth is all we need.

The moment John began sharing about the fact that all we need is to see a) sin the way God sees it… a vision of sin and b) God’s Holiness a vision of how Holy He is!

Between these two simple truths comes “godly sorrow leading to repentance” and an overwhelming vision of God’s redemption for the Christian to overcome sin. The word’s “don’t settle for anything less” were an essential insertion, which all placed together indeed brought “conviction” and has initiated change… at least in this heart of mine.

Hope to see anyone here in the Okanagan at the remaining meetings.

God Bless.

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