What do these Christians all have in common?

I have been reading a varied degree of literature lately and have found some interesting common focus coming from these authros:

– Jacob Boehme 1600's (The way to Christ)

– William Law 1700's (The Power of the Spirit)

– Andrew Murray 1800's (Absolute Surrender and With Christ in the school of prayer)

– Watchman Nee 1900's (The Spiritual man and Changed into His likeness)

– Brother Lawrence of the ressurection (???) (Practising the Presence of God)

Each in their own personality that God gave them describes a willing abandonment of man's self desire, and a taking up of the Will of God. This process requiring more than a mental shift, a completely new birth of life in the soul. The idea of the Words we read in the Bible, being so much different from the practise of the deep meanings they represent. The understand of the meanings of these Words, requires the will of man to be inhabited by God's Holy Spirit, which can only happen when a suitable temple or body exists for this to take place. Man in his surrender and waving of the white flag to God must resolve to every moment depend on this Power of the Holy Spirit to overcome the sin that surrounds him. To beleive this is the beggining in child-like faith on the path of the fulness of Christ. To dismiss as idealistic and impossible is to join with the disciples of Christ in their fleshly state and say "who then can be saved". I see now that the Christian faith always has been and always will be a simple act of faith and resolve in allowing Christ to live through our bodies via His Holy Spirit living in us. I repeat the words of Gerhard Du Toit, in the spirit of the great commisison "I want to see God walking around in black bodies", and I add in all colours of skin and types of creed. For God loved the whole world, and desires its entire salvation. Only the child will enter into the gates of Holiness. All the complexities and studies of theology will end in the same idea as the book of Ecclesiastes… of writing many books there is no end… but what is the sum of the whole matter? Fear God and walk in His way.

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