Q2 2006 update

Here it is… already half way through another year! What have I learned over the past 6 months?

1. Spiritual related:
– It takes time to progress in your faith
– It takes time to understand others and their views
– Love is a fore-most proof of Holiness
– If you're not progressing (which takes time) your regressing.
– Prayer is the key to having changes take place in this world.
– Prayer is ineffective without obedience.
– Obedience begins with a choice yes or no, then progresses from there.
– Most people are not overly interested in your faith, they are more interested in their own things.
– Time is precious, everyone wants your time. Give Him your time.

2. Technology related:
– Plugin architectures are great, flexible and save uncounted heartache for years to come when properly applied.
– Genericly designed systems and code reap uncounted benefits for years to come and help you to be "agile"
– Test driven development and related tools like FIT and Unit Testing are essential for the current world atmosphere, they allow change in any project within a very short time frame.
– Time is precious, everyone wants your time. Use it wisely.

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