Our latest beta of CallerID


Many bugs have been fixed since monday night March 28, 2005. This beta will be released as a general release shortly. One new addition is under the help menu option "Test my hardware". This new feature is a section for testing your hardware for CallerID functionality. It will be developed over time to become more user friendly but its current purpose is to aid our customers in trouble shooting common problems.

Other bugs fixed:
– Properly saves record errors setting
– Corrected message about file missing during voicemail recording
– during software updates if the unzip tool is missing it will automatically be downloaded from our website to properly complete updates.
– New ability to save maps of your callers location. You may also paste images from the clipboard into the map for saving locally in your database.
– Likewise when sending tech support inquiries via the help/tech support menu option CallerID now attempts to compress the attached log files to save bandwidth.

*NOTE: If anyone reading this is using a Voice over IP VOIP provider for telephone service and using our software, please let us know by posting a reply to this blog via the comments link.


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