Interesting Security

Just recently I installed a security “fix” from Microsoft Auto Update which involved modifying how some windows system DLL’s load. Well as soon as I reboot after applying this “auto update” CallerID would crash with the following message when windows starts:

Well what is going on? CallerID didn’t change so why are we getting this error? What changed? Aha the security “fix” must have changed something! After searching on Google I found this link:

which talks about a new “hotfix” for the security update. After downloading and installing this hotfix, CallerID is working as it always did, now back to what I was working on before this costly event 🙂

Just a note about CallerID, I not only author the application, I myself rely on it. I work between home and business offices and rely on my call info/voicemail getting passed from one location to another using the “network” feature, which to me is totally awesome.

Anyone out there who cannot or does not want to get the hotfix from Microsoft, just replace the EXE in the zipfile at:

overtop of the one in your callerid installation folder.

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