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The Tech Kings – Scammers

Warning to anyone buying software on the internet. (.com etc..) is a scammer. They advertise as an authorized Adobe Reseller (among other things) and they are NOT. I just went through a process with paypal to get my money back as they sold me a license key that is already assigned to someone else. [...]

Conservative Christians in Prince George BC

Are you looking to have fellowship with conservative Christians in the Prince George BC area?
Non denominational, serious, Bible believing brothers and sisters in Christ meet weekly.
Email for more info:

Do General Mills use GMO’s in their products? Yes.

I called them at: 1-800-767-5350 and asked if they used GMO’s in Cheerios. They DO NOT offer a list of products that contain GMO’s. They told me anything they sell that has Canola, Corn, Potatoes or Soy likely has GMO’s. I repeat they told me there is NO WAY to get a list of actual [...]

Java applet debugging – multiple java consoles and havok!

To spare you the sanity, if you need to debug your java applets, since JDK 1.4 there is a new syntax required in the runtime parameters in the control panel applet side:
New format:
Old Evil format:
-Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=5555,server=y,suspend=n
There is a bug with the -XDebug parameter that causes multiple java consoles to open for each applet you [...]

VirtualBox – Windows XP Guest – how to update from single to multi-core so XP recognizes them?

If you have a copy of Windows XP (in my case installed as a virtual machine on a Linux Host) and you installed XP with only 1 CPU, you’ll be sad to notice that telling virtualbox (or upgrading your CPU to multi-core if not using VirtualBox) will not in itself allow XP to see the [...]